May 2022 Update

Posted on May 28, 2022 by Scott French

Before I launched this new site in April my hope was I would be able to to make a new journal entry each week, but during the process of getting the site finished and released I realized once per month was much more likely. April was a busy month with my wife Brianna away most of the time working a new mural. May turned out to be just as busy with several small building projects, an overnight class field trip, and lots of other family, work, and house projects. So making updates throughout the month was not possible, but to make up for that I am doing this largish update with eight new entries now.

The first new thing of the month was an SF3 illutration from Dale Cullinane that I hope to get turned into some stickers soon. Let me know if you have any suggestions for body colors. I am considering printing on foil so the metallic hardware can shine.

On a non-guitar related note, we made up some keychains to commemorate the first overnight trip for my son's class. These were a lot of fun to make with my son doing to design, Brianna refining and digitizing, then me hacking them out on the K40. I'll make another post about the laser someday because the K40 is not a bad tool considering the very low price.

Another fun thing over the last few weeks has been pulling together all my guitar stuff, books, mics, and random buisness to be consolidates in the office. I also brought in all the pickup making and some electronics stuff into a little corner work area so it doesn't have to keep getting so dirty in the woodshop (garge). I've added some random images of the office here.

Next up was a custom pickup project for Christian Allen Luthiery. I put together a journal entry with a lot of images outlining the process. That reminded me I also wanted to share some information about my pickup winder, so I made another entry about Coilton the Accuwinder coil-winding machine. I love this tool and feel very lucky to have found it.

Someday I will run out of Boogies from my image archive, but that day will not be any time soon. So for this round I added four more amps/cabs to the archive with many detailed photos. There at still lots more to add in the future so keep your Boogie-loving eyes peeled. For now check out the links at the bottom of the page to see the new entries.

Going through all that Boogie content, as well as adding some random photos of the ToneShed™ (my office), reminded me I also wanted to show off the beautiful Walnut & Wicker Milkman 5W Half Pint I picked up a while back. This is a sweet amp that I am super stoked about. I loved all my Boogies but this suits my situation much better.

To close out with a few more random odds and ends, my goal for this month was to knock out a hardwood and aluminium pedal board I have been planning on and off for years. I'm close to a final design and have all the materials ready so hopefully I can share that soon. On the instrument front, I have some in-depth plans for new pickups and custom features for a new instrument design. I'll likely be working on this instrument into 2023, but as part of these plans I've picked up my first 3D printer. I started with a very small resin printer so I can learn the basics, but I have big plans for this next instrument and 3D printing specialized parts may be a key concept.

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more next month!

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