I started writing this as one big page outlining my outlook on instrument building and how I got here, but it grew so large and so personal that I decided to break it up into multiple journal entries. I'll warn you, the first two entries are more about me and my journey, but they help set the stage for the second two entries. If you want to get right into the details about instruments I'd suggest skipping to the last entry.

In the time since I was building regularly my outlook on many topics has changed, so this serves as both information for anyone interested in my work, as well as a blueprint as I move forward.

The Golden Age of Lutherie
OR: My Golden Age of Confusion

Setting the stage for what a great time it is to be a luthier and guitar player, then outlining my struggle to find a place in the greater guitar building world.
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Reconnecting With Inspiration
OR: Guitar Buildin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Coming back to guitar building after a break of many years, working to recapture the initial sparks of inspiration and striving to take my instruments to another level.
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The Handmade Question
OR: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CNC

Challenging some long held beliefs around what makes a quality instrument and discovering the possibilities made available with new tools.
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Manifesto of an Electric Guitar Builder
OR: “This Is How We Do It” - Montell Jordan, 1995

Laying out the details I think are most important for the design and construction of my instruments.
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