Privacy Policy

Posted on February 5, 2022 by Scott French

Hello weary web traveller!

Thanks for visiting my site. Here in 2022 and beyond I have to commend you on being a true web explorer. With the current consolidation of all information being shared across so few platforms, it's more important than ever to expand your search in the gathering of information. Please understand when I say "thanks for visiting" it is more than a perfunctory statement. I truly appreciate that you have found my home on the internet and decided to visit.

While I am (hopefully) still living the first half of my life, I am certainly an old man in internet years. I have now been creating websites for over 25 years, so I fondly remember a time before Google Analytics, Facebook, iPhones, etc. My job for the last 15 years has had much to do with tracking user/employees so I am very familiar with the many tools available to a modern developer in tracking users that have chosen to visit our sites.

Being a child of the earlier internet, and an adult that appreciates their anonymity here in the present, I have taken a very specific approach to privacy and data collection.

I do:

  • Collect bare email addresses via my "Mailing List" for infrequent updates. These are not connected to your name or tracking-id at any point.
  • In some cases tools in my tech stack will set a cookie. These include web servers, load balancers, etc.

I do not:

  • Connect collected email addresses to any other personally identifiable information or trackers.
  • Sell or share collected email addresses with any third party.
  • Track site visitors using Google Analytics or any another third-party tracker.
  • Embed code from third parties that may set tracking cookies or connect your larger tracking profile to my site. This includes YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Use any kind of customer relationship management (CRM) software to track people who reach out via email.

So that is the basic breakdown of my privacy policy. I do my absolute best to avoid tracking you in any way, and even after you have contacted me or opt into the mailing list I continue doing my best to avoid any kind of tracking or further connection to your personally identifiable data throughout our interaction.

Now you see that at this moment I know basically nothing about you. So I humbly ask, if you are interested in the work I am doing, please reach out and let me know. What are your interests? What would you like to see me working on? Are you a new player or long into your journey as a guitar person? I believe privacy and anonymity to be two of the most important aspects of life online, but I also believe that connecting with like-minded people is one of the best parts of the internet.