Milkman 5W Half Pint Head with Mather Cab in Walnut

Posted on February 7, 2022 by Scott French

If you've dug through the archived journal entries here or seen my Instagram feed you know that I've owned a lot of Mesa Boogie amps and cabs. I love the way they sound and love that they are made in California, but I always ran into two problems. One, they are universally very heavy amps. That's not a terrible thing if you want something really well made and road worthy, but my gear doesn't move around too much. And two, even with Simul-class down to 15w, the Mark Series amps are still so LOUD. That's a great thing if you are playing out, but for a bedroom player like myself it's tough to even get into the Tone-Zone™ without blowing out the windows. As a result I've sold off pretty much all my Boogie gear. Just in time with Gibson getting involded. That left a hole that needed to be filled with something new.

Enter Milkman Sound in San Fransico. I don't know that I am 100% onboard with the totally vintage inspired vibe, but these amps are very well made, and even better made here in California. When I stumbled upon this used 5W Half Pint head on Reverb and saw they they also come in WALNUT I didn't think twice before ordering it on the spot. Soon after I paired it with a Mather Amp 15" open back cab and installed an old Electro-Voice EVM-15L that I pulled out of a Boogie combo years before. It was only after purchasing that I realized this amp comes with a variable power attenuator built-in. That's awesome! This has been a great low power head so I am stoked to have found it.

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