1994 Mesa Boogie Imbuia & Wicker Half-Back Speaker Cab

Posted on January 8, 2019 by Scott French

This is a beautiful hardwood & wicker speaker cabinet from Mesa Engineering. It's a half-back with an EVM-12L from 1994. Between the year and the logo plate this looks like something that would have been bundled with a Mark IV. I can see from inside that at some point a speaker was rear mounted in this cab. Based on the foam left behind I would guess it was a C90. Around this time an EVM-12L would have the black sticker so this may be an older non-original speaker. It's still correct for a Boogie though and in many people's eyes better than a C90. The EVM-12L is front mounted as you'd expect.

There is a small crack along the back/bottom edge that you can see in one of the photos. You can also see where I got the Imbuia (Imbuya) and 1994 information from inside the back panel. Most of the hardwood Boogie speaker cabs I've owned were a bit older but this one still looks pretty nice. I wouldn't have guessed imbuia based on the grain but it's definitely heavy like imbuia. This looks more like the stuff Taylor was using for acoustic guitars and basses in the 90s than the stuff Mesa used in the 80s. I removed the handle for a photo so you could see closer to the original color.

Dimensions are roughly 18.75 x 10.75 x 16" Weight is roughly 37lbs.

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