November 2022 Update

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Scott French

Fall is upon us and another busy time of year has come again. I missed the October website update and November is almost over! In October my family got a new Great Dane puppy named Juno. For now she's a lot of work (and puppies can be quite annoying), but we're looking forward to her being a great companion to our older Dane, Freya. Lots of family joy celebrating the new crew member and learning how to best take care of her together. It's eaten up a lot of time but has been well worth it seeing my kids fall in love with her.

As busy as the last month has been, I know we'll be even more busy until the new year. Lots of school events and important family time. Because of all that not much is going to be happening on the guitar front until January. Before getting Juno I did get the laser tuned up and cut the flatwork for the new SF3 project. If I can sneak it in I might work on building out those pickups at some point before the new year.

Chambered Claro Walnut SF3 Carve Top Guitar

More Amps

This month I've added four old Mark III combos that I owned over the years. This represents almost all the stripes... I've never owned a green as far as I can remember, but here is one of everything else. The two early amps, the black stripe and "no" stripe both had the carryover 105PT that a lot of people seek out. Then there are the two more typical purple and blue stripes from later on. These were all beautiful amps, but the early no stripe with 105PT had just about every upgrade you could get from Boogie after the fact and it was really a cut above any other Mark III I've ever seen.

Mesa Boogie Mark III / IIIC+ with 105PT DRG Imbuia Combo
Mesa Boogie Imbuia Mark III Black Stripe DRG Imbuia Combo
Mesa Boogie Imbuia Mark III Blue Stripe DRG Imbuia Combo
Mesa Boogie Mark III Purple Stripe DRG Imbuia Combo

And if you're looking for more hardwood Mark IIIs, here's a red stripe I posted a while back too:
Mesa Boogie Hardwood Mark III/IIC+ Red Stripe DRG Head

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