Mesa Boogie Mark III Purple Stripe DRG Imbuia Combo

Posted on October 20, 2016 by Scott French

This is a 1986 Mesa Boogie Mark III Purple Stripe Combo in Imbuya and Wicker. As far as I know this amp is 100% original. Features include Graphic EQ, Reverb, and Simul-Class which would make this a DRG. Also includes the iconic Electro Voice EVM-12L speaker. Chassis mount is SUS-4. Original vinyl cover is quite worn out. Does the job but doesn't look very good.

You can judge the condition for yourself based on the photos. The imbuya cab I would rate as "good". The face and top are pretty clean but the back has some big bumps. The amp itself is super clean with an unblemished face, clean transformer and heat sink, all slider knobs in place, etc. As far as I understand it has not been modded, restored, or serviced any time recently.

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