September 2022 Update

Posted on September 22, 2022 by Scott French

Just a quick update for September. I've added a few new backlogged journal updates with more old Boogie photos as well as a very strange Atlansia instrument. Check those out here:

1994 Atlansia Solitaire Single String Bass
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-o-verb Hardwood Combo
Mesa Boogie Collection Odds and Ends

On the topic of the new SF3, it is moving along slowly but steadily. The plans are nearly done and I have made some solid progress in getting the new pickups all sorted and ready to start building. I've selected the materials and purchased all the small parts required for the new pickup mounting design so that work will start soon.

Chambered Claro Walnut SF3 Carve Top Guitar

Still waiting on parts for the pedalboard so I have moved it off the bench. Looking forward to getting back into that soon. For now the new SF3 is the focus!

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