1994 Atlansia Solitaire Single String Bass

Posted on September 21, 2022 by Scott French

As I mentioned on the Inspiration page of this site, Atlansia has been one of my favorite builders for a long time. These instruments so rarely show up in the US that I didn't think long when I saw this one pop up for sale in Japan with US shipping as an option. Even with slow COVID shipping from Japan it was still worth it. I ordered it mostly to check out all the interesting features so I will likely move it along somewhat soon. In my rush to buy a real life Atlansia, I forgot that I am not much of a fretless bass player.

Some of the interesting features here: single string fretless bass, "exposed" trussrod, single rotatable dual pole pickup, single headless tuner, extendable strap mount arm, single volume knob and very exposed barrel output jack. To top it off it came with a really cool pool cue style vinyl gig bag. It's awesome!

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