August 2022 Update

Posted on August 31, 2022 by Scott French

All things considered August was a good month on the guitar front. I started the month working on my first ever pedalboard. I have been collecting parts and planning for years but it's finally time to put it all together. Almost immediately I ran into shipping delays on some essential parts so the project is currently on hold, but I hope to finish the first version in September if there are no more delays.

Even more exciting than the pedalboard, I'm finally getting started on a new SF3 guitar in earnest. I have been testings ideas on the CNC and pickup winder for a while, but finally feel ready to take the plunge in officially starting a new guitar. It's been a long road to get here with many bumps along the way, but I feel that I've progressed enough from the frustration around prior failed and delayed projects to finally make a solid new start.

You can take a look at the new SF3 Guitar progress page here:
Chambered Claro Walnut SF3 Carve Top Guitar

It's no secret that I have started and stopped building many guitars over the last decade for various reasons. The frustration and shame around that repeated pattern has really prevented me from getting started on any serious projects for a long time. I've been working hard over the last few years trying to understand these various failure points and I feel confident I will be able to push through and finish this project. Beyond that I have some extra support from my coach David @ Iron John Coaching. David is a really awesome guy that has already helped me understand and start pushing though some difficult topics. If you're stuck on anything in your life and feel like you could use some help I suggest reaching out to David. He specializes in working with men and is also a musician so I expect many of the people viewing my website fall into those buckets. Don't be afraid to find help if you need some, it's worth it!

Thanks for reading this journal entry! Feel free to reach out via email or join the discussion on Instagram.