July 2022 Update

Posted on July 6, 2022 by Scott French

For anyone paying attention, you probably noticed that June came and went without an update. The reason is pretty simple, I didn't really do anything guitar related in June. School ended and my kids started their summer break. I got on a plane for the first time in fifteen years and we all took a trip to Nashville and Atlanta. We had a lot of fun there, Nashville is an interesting place and there's lots of guitar content all over. Everywhere you look there's a Gibson Les Paul mural, or a Gibson Jumbo behind glass, or a Gibson F5 fountain, or a Gibson SG ceiling lamp. It's like dying and going to heaven, only to find out they only serve vanilla ice cream. That's no dig on vanilla ice cream or Gibson, but it's just not really my scene. The highlight for me was seeing whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium, and more importantly, getting to catch up with my old friend and mentor, Kelly Butler. I live the life of a recluse under normal circumstances, but COVID-19 made that even worse. It was great to get away from home, see a new place, and visit with some old friends.

Anyway, back to the website updates... I don't have a ton this time around either. In May I added a lot of new content and if I were smart I would have held some back for future updates! For now I just have one new page. I've spent the last few days thinking a lot about all of my favorite builders and why I love their work so much. It's nice to reflect back to various points and remember where I was when I was really interested in each of these builders. Beyond that I have been looking for some inspiration on what I should do for my next project. I never thought I would be burdened with too many ideas, but at this point there are so many potential projects I thought it might be helpful to evaluate all of my favorite work to help clarify which direction I should go.

So in the spirit of reflecting back on all of my favorites, I decided to put together a new Inspiration page highlighting these builders. I invite you to check it out and learn more about any of these luthiers that may be new to you. Also if you see my favorites and can think of another builder I might be interested in please reach out and share them with me. Thanks!

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