Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Coliseum Padauk Hardwood & Wicker Big Brother

Posted on April 14, 2019 by Scott French

This is a Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Coliseum, also known as the "Series 300". It's a KG which mean switchable Coliseum 180-watt power section (K) and Graphic EQ (G) options are present. The speaker is an Electro-Voice EVM-15L. The included power tubes are very hard to find STR-415s as would have been included back in the 80s. Serial is K238.

This amp was originally housed in a black bronco headshell, but was recently moved into this original Mesa Padauk hardwood "Big Brother" combo cab. These 15" hardwood combo cabinets are very hard to find so this is a pretty uncommon combination.

The amp weighs 85 pounds. An original A&S hard case with castors is included and the amp will be shipped via UPS ground in this case. I've shipped a few of these giant combos across the county in these exact cases and so far they have done pretty well. I think the weight and wheels prevent a lot of shipping shenanigans.

Overall the condition is pretty good. Not an original setup, but done fairly well. It's a very rare amp/config with the best tubes and functions correctly. I'm reluctant to sell this, but need the funds for other projects. Please review the photos and ask any questions you may have.

According to the previous owner, this amp was recently gone over by a tech. It does look to have some non-factory work done. The fan does not seem to be the original Howard I have seen on most other vintage Boogies. Everything does seem to be working fine though. If it were me keeping this amp, I would send it back to Mesa for a service and the IIB loop mod/upgrade. Also I would probably have the one snapped-off EQ slider replaced. I can include the correct button if you end up having this work done as I have many spares stashed away and Mesa does not sell the originals any more.

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