Mesa Boogie Hardwood & Wicker Mark IIC Combo

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Scott French

This is a very clean Mark IIC in its original hardwood & wicker cabinet. It's a 60 watt model with reverb. The speaker is a Mesa/Celestion Black Shadow MC-90. I am not sure the wood species, but it does seem to fit in with other hardwood Mark series amps of this era. My guess would be padauk.

When I purchased this amp I was told it had a recent service/cleaning including new caps and power cord. An "OEM" Howard Industries cooling fan has also been added. I have not confirmed any of the service but the amp does seem to be in good shape.

You don't see a lot of straight IICs anymore... I don't think there were ever many, and most have been upgraded to IIC+.

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