1981 Imbuia Hardwood & Wicker Mesa Boogie Mark IIB Combo Amp

Posted on August 26, 2016 by Scott French

This is a beautiful 1981 Mesa Boogie Mark IIB combo. As far as I know/understand this amp is in completetly original. It is in very nice condition, especially when you consider it is 35 years old. I contacted Mesa Boogie support and they think this cabinet is made from imbuya. That seems to be par for the course for this era, but this certainly has more contrast in the grain than a lot of others I have seen listed as imbuya. This is a 100/60 model with reverb and graphic EQ. Comes with original/period correct JBL E120. Very nice all around, everything works. I played with it for about 45 minutes the other night, and the only bad thing I can say is the cooling fan is a little noisy. If you're playing at any kind of volume that isn't an issue. I've seen the same thing with other Mark series amps in the past. I think it is just how it goes with these.

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