1993 Imbuia Hardwood & Wicker Mesa Boogie Mark IV Compact Combo

Posted on December 7, 2014 by Scott French

Here is a beautiful Mark IV from 1993. This is the "A" version which can be distinguished by the attached power cord and lack of foot switchable reverb. The upside to the "A" version amps is the lead channel voicing is closer to the original IIC+. This is a imbuia wood cabinet with wicker grill and it is the "compact" cab size. The great looks and small size makes for a perfect living room combo. Don't take that to mean it isn't a great sounding amp as well, it's amazing. It also has the volume to gig with no problem. This Mark IV originally came with an Electro-Voice EVM12L which I found to be pretty sterile in the open back combo. I replaced it with a "vintage" Black Shadow Celestion MC-90. The Celestion meets the wattage requirements but has much more guitar character than the EVM-12L, which is more of a sound reinforcement speaker. I recently went through the amp, cleaned it, replaced the reverb tank with an OEM Mesa model, and replaced the speaker. It is ready to rock. This amp really has it all in a tiny package... tone for days, tons of flexibility and lots of power.

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