UPDATE: As of 2012 I am no longer offering custom guitars. Please keep an eye on my blog for new projects and instruments for sale.
Eddie Morin's SF3 Singlecut GuitarJeff Katcher's SF3 GuitarPage Laubheimer's SF3 BassScott Rhodes' Twin SF1 and SF3 Travel GuitarsPage Laubheimer's SF3 GuitarJeff Schreckengost's SF3 GuitarAustin Amberg's Bowable SF3 GuitarAlexander Schlessingerman's SF3 GuitarRaj Swaminathan's SF3 Travel GuitarDave Kuzy's SF3 Singlecut GuitarAaron Burke's SF3 GuitarSteph Lexner's SF1 GuitarIan Hill's SF4 BassPaul Sapata's SF3 GuitarCody Dingle's SF3 BassSpencer Seim's SF0SS GuitarNylon String SF2 Fretless BassScott's Old Guitars
Progress Pictures
Eddie Morin's SF3 Singlecut Guitar - 2008-03-13
Jeff Katcher's SF3 Guitar - 2007-11-15
Page Laubheimer's SF3 Bass - 2007-06-22
Scott Rhodes' Twin SF1 and SF3 Travel Guitars - 2007-06-05
Page Laubheimer's SF3 Guitar - 2007-02-11
Jeff Schreckengost's SF3 Guitar - 2007-01-29
Austin Amberg's Bowable SF3 Guitar - 2007-01-29
Alexander Schlessingerman's SF3 Guitar - 2007-01-24
Raj Swaminathan's SF3 Travel Guitar - 2006-12-04
Dave Kuzy's SF3 Singlecut Guitar - 2006-04-26
Aaron Burke's SF3 Guitar - 2006-01-01
Steph Lexner's SF1 Guitar - 2005-12-04
Ian Hill's SF4 Bass - 2005-09-22
Paul Sapata's SF3 Guitar - 2005-06-14
Cody Dingle's SF3 Bass - 2005-05-18
Spencer Seim's SF0SS Guitar - 2004-12-25
Nylon String SF2 Fretless Bass - 2004-06-25
Scott's Old Guitars - 2004-01-01
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